Why and how we set these values?

Our values are to define behaviors that are conducive to the long-term and healthy development of API7.ai. From recruitment, code development, teamwork, marketing, business decision-making and other internal work to the external work such as open source community discussions, developer relations, and partners, we all need to have a common value as our code of conduct.

API7.ai is a start-up company, and there is no comprehensive rules and regulations, and there will not be any in the future, so we hope that everyone uses values to make various decisions not only rules. Especially in times of conflict and indecision, we hope that everyone can use values to guide decision-making and behavior, rather than short-term interests.

These values are not formulated by the top-down model. Everyone can put forward their own amendments at the all-hands meeting and 1:1, and finally reach a consensus on the values.

  1. Open & Transparency
  2. Take ownership & make it happen
  3. Customer first
  4. Result-driven
  5. Iteration
  6. Embrace continuous learning